Practice Areas


SR Management Group provides quality assistance when it comes to dealing with tax issues of any kind. Our firm has the capability to handle both business and personal tax accounts. The staff at SR Management has a combined total of over 20 years of experience dealing with the IRS as well as with various state and local tax entities. SR Management Group can provide relief when dealing with what can be an overwhelming task if not professionally trained to handle tax accounts. Allow our firm to handle these accounts and you will soon see why we are a leader in the tax sector. 


Our firm offers high quality solutions for your payroll needs whether you have a staff of 10 or 10,000+, we have a payroll solution for your company. SR Management Group offers several different plans to process payroll. Once you choose the option that is right for you, we customize the plan based on your company's specific needs to ensure quality results. 


At SR Management Group, we know that making important decisions can be difficult especially when you may have to make them alone. Luckily, for the consumer, SR Management Group is in the business of providing quality consultation from leaders of various industries. SR Management Group currently offers advisory consultations in the following practice areas: 

  • Personal Finance & Budget

  • Business Finance & Budget

  • Tax Accounts (Both Personal & Business) 

  • New Business Formation 

  • Human Resources 

  • Legal Consultation

  • Entertainment Law 

  •  Insurance Solutions 

Entity Selection 

When building a new business, the start-up process can be both time-consuming and costly while also leaving you with many unanswered questions. Here, at SR Management Group, we can take the guess work out of starting your new entity and ensure all necessary paperwork is filed to complete the formation process. In order to make sure you are off to a solid start, we can file and secure the following: 

  • EIN Number ( Federal Tax ID) 

  • STIN  (State Tax ID Number)

  • Business License

  • Secretary of State Filings 

  • Logo Design Services

  • Entity Selection 


Managing the books for any company can be overwhelming from day-to-day without the proper support. That is why we offer bookkeeping and accounting solutions to our consumers. SR Management Group's accounting team is lead by industry experts with over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting. Get your bookkeeping in order by allowing SR Management Group and its staff to pay attention to all the little details so you don't have to. We have everything you need to ensure your records are in order and to ensure an audit-free business accounts process. 

Cash Management

SR Management can offer solutions for budgeting and cash management for those looking to make their money work for them. Our firm can design a customized plan of action to ensure your finances are never lacking and that your money management skills are on track to thrive financially no matter the economic climate. Meet with one of our finance experts to get your cash management on track for success.  Whether personal or business, SR Management has the solution for you. 


At SR Management Group, we understand the importance of audit findings. This report can be used to make important decisions about investing, operations, accountability and other financial decisions.

We can help you understand the major objectives of all audit reports:

  • Illustrating non-conformities to help you understand where you may need to make changes

  • Outlining positives to allow you or your organization to focus on areas where you are doing things well and how to use those examples in other areas to strengthen your efforts

  • Understand the different types of audit opinions, what each means and the impact on your actions to improve

  • Understand who will be reading the final audit report and how that report can be used for training and as a progress report for future audits