What started in 1998 as a love for numbers quickly grew into a love for people.

From within Corporate America, the CEO of SR Management saw people's need for quality accounting advice. Realizing the scores of people that could be impacted by such detailed financial information, Staley's Accounting Service firm was founded.

Since that first client in 1998,  the company has expanded considerably to service the needs of not just individuals, but business and government clients as well. This transitioned strengthened and shaped who we are today and diversified our company's portfolio.

Staley's has now become SR Management Group and offers various services and solutions to satisfy multiple areas of the financial spectrum.

SR Management Group is established office that emphasizes personalized service in Accounting, all areas of the Audit Process, Tax Preparation and Litigation, Human Resources, Information Technology and Consulting services. We hold accounts with privately-held businesses, government entities and individuals in each one of these areas.